wersja polska

Centrum Turystyki i Edukacji Regionalnej Gaja

Time Machine

Historic and forgotten workshops
and artisans of the past

You can personally participate in an interesting variety of these historic workshops, which are characteristic of the Polish and Cracovian culture. It will be an unforgettable adventure into the past and an exciting way to learn first hand about Polish history, that is through experiencing it.

Workshops for groups

  • Agro-tourism meets Eco-tourism
  • Horse and sleigh ride parties
  • How does real bread taste? Cooking workshop
  • Learn to make your own pottery – Pottery and ceramic workshops
  • 19th century school house
  • Glass painting and stained glass workshop
  • Weaving with a traditional spinning wheel
  • Malopolska story tellers, and folk music
  • Creating traditional Christmas and Easter decorations (f.ex. Painting Easter eggs)
  • Traditional Jewish dance and papercutting workshops
  • Workshops of Yiddish and Hebrew languages

We can organize camp fire and old fashion open pit barbecues, as well as outdoor recreation.