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Centrum Turystyki i Edukacji Regionalnej Gaja - Cracow Guide

Across Poland and excursions around Cracow / Eco-tourism

We can recommend the best and most worthwhile group excursion around Poland, for all ages. We will match your interests and expectations to what we think will be most interesting to your group. Considering such things as age, how physically ambitious you are and your level of educational interest. Some people want to get in shape while on vacation, others want to flex their mental muscles and others simply want to relax.

Each journey have an education and recreational component to varying degrees.

Our trip's suggestions

  • Warsaw
  • National Parks:
    • Ojcowski Park Narodowy
    • Pieninski Park Narodowy with one of its greatest attraction - rafting on the river Dunajec
    • Tatra Mountains National Park
  • "The Eagle’s Nest" - a constellation of medieval castles and ruins across ancient southern Poland
  • The region of hand and artistically painted houses - Zalipie
  • Auschwitz - The Houlocaust Museum
  • The Salt Mine in Wieliczka
  • Wadowice – the family city of the Pope John Paul II
  • and many others ...